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A six-day hiking tour in the UNESCO Carpathian Biosphere Reservoir, along the Ukrainian/Romanian mountain range called Maramuresh. This region is widely remote due to its location at the border, giving plants and wildlife an excellent possibility to thrive. The structure of the mountains is a little rougher than in the rest of the Ukrainian Carpathians, including more rocks and boulders, but also alpine meadows and wonderful views.





Dilove – Maramorosh Ridge - Shybene


The day before the start of the actual hike, we will all gather at the NEMEZA Outdoor Center in Chumalóvo and spend the first night there. This will give you the opportunity to get a rest from your travel, to take a hot shower, taste the local food and find a good night’s sleep in one of the cozy guest rooms. Also we will have the possibility to get to know eachother and discuss details about the tour and get our equipment ready.

DAY 1 

After a tasty breakfast, we will gather our equipment and prepare for take-off. A micro bus will transport us to the starting point of the hike (about 60km away): the village “Dilove”, which by the way is considered to be the geographical center of Europe. After registering us at the national park center, our adventure begins! We will enter the beautiful calmness of the forests and beginn our way up to the mountain top. A small mountain river called “white stream” will guide our way up. When then sun gets ready to set, we set up our first camp on a beautiful meadow in the forest and let the day end around the camp fire.


DAY 2  White Stream - Polonina Lysya

After breakfast we will gather our tents and get ready for the next section of our hike. We will again follow the river upwards, hiking on a shadowy dirt path. After a while, great views of the Ukrainian and Romanian mountains will start  opening up. With views getting better, the further we get. After a reviving lunch break, we will continue our way up to the amazing alpine meadows called “Poloninas”, which are typical for the Ukrainian Carpathians. Once we leave the shade of the forests, we will walk along the mountain ridge, across soft grass, amid an incredible mountain panorama. On the Polonina Lysya we will finally build our night camp and enjoy the beauty of the sunset together.


DAY 3  Polonina Lysya- Pip Ivan (1937m) - Mezhipotoki

After waking up to the clear air and soothing calmness of the Polonina, we will prepare ourselves, physically and mentally for the steepest ascent so far: we will hike to the peak of the mountain called Pip Ivan, the highest mountain in the Maramuresh region. A big part of the hike will lead us exactly along the Romanian/Ukrainian border. So, you will have the chance to hike on either side of the border, whichever country you prefer 😉. Having reached the top of Pip Ivan, we will be rewarded with an amazing view. During a snack break we will have a chance to take in the beauty of the moment. We will then descend to our next camp site, a calm meadow in the forest.

DAY 4  Mika-Mare (1815m) – Korbul – Stog (1650m)- Polonina Radul

On our 4th day a seemingly endless number of mountains awaits us, with mysterious names like Mezhipotoki and Mika-Mare. The most impressive mountain top  to which we hike today is called Stog. This mountain once represented the border between three states: Romania, Czecho-Slowakia and Poland. Nowadays, this remote mountain is habitat to many wild animals and rarely visited by people. We climb to the top and from there descend to a nearby mountain meadow, Polonina Radul, where we will set our camp and watch the incredible night sky with thousands of stars.

DAY 5  Polonina Radul - River Shybene – village Shybene

Our last day in the mountains leads us down from the beautiful Polonina to the village of Shybene. On our hike we will follow the river Shybene. While we descend from the mountain we will meet local shepherds, which pasture their sheep on the alpine meadows during the summer months. A centuries old practice which is typical for the population of the Carpathian Mountains. We will get the opportunity to taste their traditional sheep cheese called Brinsa. Not far from the village we will set up our final night camp. We will have time to recall the experiences of our hike around the campfire and enjoy our last night under the open sky.

DAY 6  Saying goodbye

After enjoying our last shared breakfast, we will set out for the last kilometers to the village of Shybene. A bus will pick us up from the picturesque mountain village and bring us back to civilization. On the way, we will stop at a traditional Transcarpathian restaurant, enjoying a tasty meal and all the cold drinks, that we dreamt of during the hike. After exchanging hugs and contacts, we will finally part. Transport can be organized to Baia Mare, Lviv and other locations. You are also welcome to book another night at the Nemeza Outdoor Center, before continuing your journey or travel back home.


  • meals (warm breakfasts & dinners + lunches (snacks)

  • coffee + tea

  • entrance fee to the National Park

  • registration at border control

  • first aid kit

  • 24/h guidance by our guides

  • transport from Nemeza Outdoor Center to the start of the hike and back

  • 1 night stay at Nemeza Outdoor Center (2 - 3 person bedroom)



  • tents, sleeping bags and personal equipment

  • transport to and from Nemeza Outdoor Center

  • purchases in cafés, restaurants, markets etc.

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