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Interested in biking tourism? This is the kind of holiday where your main means of transportation is - the bike. Making excursions to local sights or mountain biking on natural trails, easy-going or with athletic ambitions, biking can make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

The difficulty of biking tours varies from easy and suitable for beginners to very hard and physically challenging. But all will be structured to point out the advantages of biking and give joyous moments of relaxed biking. Therefore, biking is offering a real alternative to usual hiking.

It should also be mentioned that biking is one of the ecologically friendliest kinds of touristic activity and very healthy as well. Roughly, we can categorize biking holidays into four different types:

CLASSIC BIKING TOURISM As it name says, its classic. A planed route and destination. Spending the nights out in nature.  Even the things you are taking with you, like tents and a guitar, are not differing from the usual hiking trip, with the big difference that you are not hiking, but biking. The biking speed during the trip depends on the wishes and physical fitness of the group.

COMFORT BIKING TOURISM Sleeping outside in tents and preparing meals around the campfire is not that tempting to everyone. For those who wish to finish the day full of activity with some more comfort than a sleeping bag, this kind of tour might be the right thing. After day tours between 50 km – 70 km you will arrive in small townships or villages, spending the night in a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast. In the morning the journey will continue, heading to the next destination.

EXTREM BIKING TOURISM This kind of biking is related to the classical MTB (Mountain Biking). The routes are chosen according to their difficulty, the more difficult the more interesting, you might say. The ideal route might include mountains, swamps and forests abundantly covered with vegetation. The combination of off-road tracks, smooth roads and natural attractions - form the basis of extreme biking tourism. Needless to say, the nights will be spend outside in tents.

WINTER BIKING TOURISM: This is probably the most extreme kind of biking tourism. It features a number of particularities. Riding across snow and ice requires not only special winter tires, but also special skills. And sleeping outside in a tent in winter requires special equipment, as well as special clothes suitable for the different challenges. A biking tour in winter will definitely test your own strength.

We are offering three general categories of biking holiday:

ONE-DAY TOUR An interesting biking tour to local sights and through natural beauties, lasting not longer than a day. The night will be spend at a fixed point from which we start in the morning and return to in the evening.

WEEKEND TOUR A tempting biking tour for two days, including one overnight stay along the route. Starting usually on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday afternoon.

LONG-TERM TOUR An adventurous journey on bikes lasting from three up to ten days, leading you through some of the most beautiful places in all of Zacarpathia.

The tour categories can be combined with each of the four biking types according to your wishes and preferences.

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