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Trancarpathia can be reached with all kinds of transportation and on different routes. As soon as you have decided to visit this beautiful region, we will of course assist you in finding the best way for you to get here. Whether it is fast and comfortable or entertaining and adventurous, we will find the right travel route for you. Below you can find general information about traveling connections to Transcarpathia.



If you are planning to drive with your own car we recommend you to travel either via Slowakia entering Ukraine at the border station Vyšné Nemecké/Uzhgorod or through Hungary crossing the border at Tiszabecsi Határátkelőhely/Vilok. After crossing the border you drive on to Khust (Хуст), from there it is a 25 minutes drive to the village Chumaleve (Чумальово).


The closest airports are in Lviv (UKR), Budapest (HU) and Cluj Napoca (RO). From there you can continue travelling to Khust (Хуст) by train or bus, where we will pick you up.

From Lviv and Cluj Napoca we recommend travel by night trains, Budapest is well connected to Transcarpathia by buses.


When travelling to Transcarpathia by bus you best travel via Prague or Lviv. Direct buses from Prague to Khust (Хуст) are leaving several days a week ( Lviv is well connected to Khust by comfortable and affordable night trains, leaving every evening from Lviv main station. Lviv can be well  reached by plane or small buses leaving from Berlin.