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Rock-climbing is a wonderful kind of sport, enabling you to combine physical activity, mental challenges and nature in a unique way.

If you are searching for new challenges, adventures and an incomparable feeling of freedom you should definitely give rock-climbing a chance. Rock-climbing is most of all, a fight with gravity, asking strength, endurance and flexibility from your body and determination, devotion, as well as concentration from your mind. The world of climbing is determined by a mutual understanding between climbers and a feeling of community, which is ready to include everyone who puts hand on rock.

As a climber it does not matter how far you travel, wherever you will find climbers, you will be able to find a friend.
There is even a theory that states that climbers all over the world are similar and that they form a subspecies of the Home Sapiens, the “Homo Sapiens Climbing :))))))))

So give it a try and spend a weekend enjoying the various benefits of climbing!