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HIKING is one of the most popular types of outdoor activities. Our hiking routes are completely flexibel, therefore it is suitable for absolute beginners, as well as experienced hikers, who are searching for new challenges. That means, that the length and difficulty of the hiking route can be adapted to your personal preferences.

Hiking is developing you physically and intellectually. Your body will quickly adopt to the daily challenge and you will reach a good physical shape. But route hiking is not only promoting your physical fitness, but also fulfilling your intellectual needs. During your hike you will get acquainted with the history and cultural heritage of the region you are walking through and dive into the incredible Carpathian nature.

Contact us, to let your perfect hiking trip in the Carpathian mountains come true! You name the number of days for your hike and number of people who want to join in, we will do the rest.

TREKKING is basically hiking, but for a longer period of time and distance. The nights will be spend in nature as well: either in small shelters or tents, This way you will experience nature much closer and get the possibility to move into more remote areas, off the main touristic tracks and attractions. You might encounter wild life or desolated natural sceneries, inaccessible to the average day hiker.

To take part in a trekking tour you don’t need special preparation, but your organism requires a certain level of general fitness, to be able to cover long distances on foot. With a good physical condition you should be able to walk up to 20 km a day, with a backpack weighing about 10% of your total body weight.

Besides your personal items as sleeping bags and clothes, other things as tents, food, and cooking utensils have to be carried during the trekking tour.

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