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Auf Wunsch holen wir dich vom Bahnhof inKhust, Mukachevo or Bushtyno ab. Wir empfehlen außerdem mindestens einen Tag vor Beginn deines geplanten Programms anzureisen.


Viele Leute die zum ersten Mal eine Tour in den Bergen unternehmen, beginnen ihre Aktivität gleich nach Ankunft in der entsprechenden Region. Das ist jedoch nicht nur eine körperliche, sondern auch eine mentale Herausforderung, vor allem wenn man Teil einer größeren Gruppe sein sollte. Es ist daher nur zu empfehlen mindestens einen Tag vor Beginn des geplanten Programms anzureisen, um sich in Ruhe an die neuen Umstände gewöhnen zu können, sich entsprechend vorzubereiten und ebenfalls andere Teilnehmer kennen zu lernen.

Wir bieten dir deshalb an bereits ein oder zwei Tage früher anzureisen und diese kostengünstig auf unserer Basis zu verbringen. Während dieser Zeit kannst du bereits deinen Guide kennenlernen, die Ausrüstung vorbereiten und kleine Aktivitäten in der Umgebung unternehmen. So können wir außerdem deine Fitness abschätzen und gemeinsam eine Route planen die perfekt auf deine Wünsche und Fähigkeiten abgepasst ist.


The beginning will be hardest. Your bag pack will reveal itself to be very heavy and the path full of obstacles. But don´t worry, that’s completely normal. You will quickly adapt to the hardships of the hike. And usually the second day already proves to be much easier. In the end of the trip, you may find yourself overtaking your guide.

Therefore, we usually start off slower at the first day, walking a manageable distance. At the end of the day we will set up our camp for the night together. This includes collecting firewood, bringing water from a source, making a fire, setting up the tents and preparing dinner. Your guide will always be close and support you.

When the food is ready, we will eat together around the fire.  Sharing a tea after dinner will give us time to get to know each other closer, exchange experiences and recover from the challenges of the day. A cozy atmosphere around the evening camp fire – almost the most important part of the hike.



The mornings usually start around 7 am. The hot ashes need to be stirred to start a fire again, then breakfast can be prepared, while everybody is beginning to collect his personal things and pack up again. But no hurry, what would a day full of hiking be without a tasty breakfast? Enough time for waking up, tea and coffee is guaranteed. Start of the day journey is planned for around 10 am.

If not agreed on otherwise, the hiking will proceed as described in the following: 40 minutes of constant walking, followed by 15 minutes of break, and so on. While ascending, intervals might be shortened somewhat. When resting we recommend to take of the bag pack, stretch your limbs and really try to get some relaxation.

At lunch time your guide will offer you the prepared snacks, like sandwiches and tea from the thermos flask. A fire will not be made during the day.

In one day a group will usually walk between 10 and 15 km, depending on the goal of the tour. But beware, these are “mountain kilometers”, and one kilometer here will be much more challenging than in the flatlands. The average walking speed in the mountains is about 2 – 3 km an hour. On the way you will have the chance to check out local sights, like caves, waterfalls and ancient ruins. Your guide will answer all your questions and give interesting information about everything unusual you will encounter during your hike.


PERSONALIZING your hiking route

The hiking routes described on the website can be changed according to your wishes. Duration and difficulty of the route can be customized to your personal preferences and abilities. Most important for us is for you to have a great experience.


During the time of your hike you will experience numerous interesting situations and have many strong impressions, very different from your every-day life in the city.

And when the end of journey comes closer, you might become a little upset, having to say good-bye to each-other and the mountains. Having developed from a loose group of strange people into a strong team while the trip. You might even have found friends for a lifetime here in the mountains.

If wished, we may end the journey in a relaxing thermal bath, were you can prepare for your travel back home.



Having returned to home, write down your adventures! And send your writings to us. We would love to publish them on our website. Most important, write it down as long as your memories are still fresh. Your report will help others to decide which trip might be most suitable for them.


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