NE MEZA  is Ukrainian and means “no limit”.

Every time we need to answer to the question, why our club is called “Nemeza” we are being reminded how hard it can be to explain the full meaning of this name with only a few words. So what is so complicated about it? There are no limits to what people can do; no limits for doing what you really want to do. And this counts for everyone. But to fully understand the meaning of those words it is necessary to also experience it. You have to see your limits melting away in front of you to understand, that you are truly free to do whatever you want.


Usually, children understand quite well what being without limits means. In their natural way of learning and growing up, they are constantly pushing and crossing their own limits. It would be hard to imagine a child refraining from learning to walk, because it is asking too much strength from him, or because it has to suffer from tons of failures during its learning process. But no matter how many times they fall to the ground, they will always try to get up again, until they finally succeed: because outside their crib waits a whole world to be discovered.

And you once were the same. You also looked further, stepped out and experimented. You tried to look beyond the world you were used to. But how many times have we been told to be careful, asked to behave. To act according to the rules, to take life serious and understand that the word “adventure” means something uncomfortable, rather than something exciting and new: until we started to believe it ourselves.

Now, the dreamers and discoverers that we were, wake up every morning to the sound of the same alarm, fighting our ways through the traffic to work, to our colleagues. And who knows, maybe they also once dreamed of something else? Of some other life?  But now we are caught, stuck in “normal” and have to go on according to the rules. Needing a prestigious work, a modern house, the newest phone and on Facebook a photograph of ourselves in the latest holiday destination. Life is great, isn´t it?

But what about the little children we were? What about our inner child that continues to live within us, somewhere hidden? About what is this child dreaming? About a new car? About a job that barely leaves you enough time to spend time with your family? We have to ask ourselves. Ask our inner child, do I really want to live the way I want to live? Did I reach my personal limits?

Beyond the world we are used to, there lays an ocean of possibilities, hundreds of different lives, which we could live. We need to discover what lies within ourselves, what opportunities sleep in forgotten corners of our mind and need to find out about our own limits. To be able to cross them, to go further, to live the life we want to live.

Nature can help us to reveal our hidden needs and wishes to us, to help us see what is most important and to find back to ourselves. Being on a trip in the mountains challenges you physically and mentally, brings you closer to your own limits, but also gives you the time to get back to yourself. To breathe through and concentrate only on the basic needs of your mind and body. To realize what is important. Trekking to a far off mountain top, climbing into a dark cave, skiing down a silent mountain on an untouched blanket of white snow, or forcing your mountain bike to carry you further and further into unknown places, will make you feel the power of your body, realizing the strength of your will. A feeling that no air-conditioned fitness centre in the world could give you.

You do not need careful preparation. Put on your hiking shoes, rent a bike or some skiers and just go. Make your step ahead and find out what you can do.

We would love to welcome you here!

With great pleasure we will show you all the beauties of our region, sharing our love for Transcarpathia and its mountains with you. We will take you with us into caves, on rocks and mountain tips, will share all our experience with you and lead you to places that will make your heart beat faster. And together we will realize, that the only limits we have, are made by ourselves.

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