ROCK CLIMBING is a wonderful kind of sport, enabling you to combine physical activity, mental challenges and nature in a unique way.

If you are searching for new challenges, adventures and an incomparable feeling of freedom you should definitely give rock-climbing a chance. Rock-climbing is most of all, a fight with gravity, asking strength, endurance and flexibility from your body and determination, devotion, as well as concentration from your mind. The world of climbing is determined by a mutual understanding between climbers and a feeling of community, which is ready to include everyone who puts hand on rock.

The climbing community in Ukraine is not huge yet, but growing and defintely passionate! Ukraine has great rocks to climb or boulder on, though a lot of the climbing spots are not developed yet. Join us and we will share some of our most favourite spots with you. Where you will find not only awesome possibilities for climbing but also beautiful natural scenerys.

So give it a try and spend a weekend enjoying the various benefits of climbing!

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