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SKIING is one of the most harmonious winter sports: a combination of free movement, a good physical workout and the exciting sensation of being a discoverer. We are organising ski tours in the most beautiful mountain areas, far away from the rush and the crowdedness of the skiing resorts. Whereas the accommodation will be in local hotels, camp sites or huts.

A ski tour is the combination of a long, but wonderful ascent with an incredible descent. The selected ends of the ascents are usually mountain tips or passes, to which no snowmobile or helicopter has access. The speed of the tour will be selected according to the fitness of the participants. While ascending to the mountain tip, you will enjoy the amazing mountain panoramas and the surrounding silence, which is only interrupted by the repeating squeaking of the skiers.

The tensions that you might have accumulated within your city life will pass further with every step you take and the ascent almost turns into a kind of walking meditation. You will become part of the nature surrounding you and part of your team. In this state you might get the feeling that you could go on forever, since the mountains and your team give you an almost endless reserve of energy. Not a fierce grin, but a peaceful smile will be on your face continuously. The smiling faces of your friends, which you will notice on the mountain top, will prove this.

After a snack you will prepare the skiers for the descent. From a state of meditation you are entering into a feeling of excitement for the upcoming descent on completely untouched snow.


The nature of the descents varies, depending on the snow quality and steepness of the slope. The pure skiing abilities of the individual participant are not the most decisive factor. Sometimes, people even learn skiing while on the tour. That way it can happen that beginners are skiing downhill on wonderful powder snow like professionals, gathering an experience that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. When down everybody is overwhelmed by joy due to the experience.

Once at home, in the ski hut, hotel or touristic resort, a hot meal and tasty herb tea awaits you. As your body starts to relax, joyful conversations will fill the evening.

EQUIPMENT For ski tours, special skis and ski boots that are suitable for a comfortable ascent to the mountain top, as well as for the descent are necessary. These skis are similar to usual mountain skis, but softer and less heavy. During the ascent special skins are attached to the bottom side of your skis to prevent you from sliding down the mountain backwards. Once on the mountaintop the skins can be taken off and the descent can be made on the skis as usual.

So get your skis ready and join us on a tour!

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