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Vitali has spent almost his whole life in Transcarpathia and is the driving force of NEMEZA.

He loves being active and challenging himself physically. He is guiding especially our hikes, biking tours and ski tours, but will never say no to any form of outdoor activity.

Vitali is a great motivator and enjoys sharing his knowledge about the mountains with you.



Ira is originally from Moldova but has been living in Transcarpathia for many years now.  She loves nature and the mountains especially and couldn´t imagine another life for herself.

She is mainly guiding our hiking tours and snowboarding trips. She is also a great photographer and documents our activities beautifully. If you are interested in local plants and herbs, she is the one to ask.


Mischa is an original Transcarpathian and has spent a great deal of his life venturing through the Carpathian nature.

Whether its hiking, skiing, caving, rafting, paragliding - he has done it all. Mischa is a patient teacher and calm companion, who will guide you through difficulties with a smile on his lips.

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